Do you know that some peripheral nerves can heal on its own though it may take a number of months to occur?

What happens to your nerves when you stretch, walk, bend or move from one position to another? Now consider your nerves are like wires running through your body. So if you bend your knee the wires bends and nothing happens to them. But when you reach out to something, grab it and lift it overhead, your nerves gets straightened and tightened and gets reproached. The nerve also gets glided to prevent over stretching. This gliding is needed to prevent the building up of tension in the nerve. Researchers have been able to measure the gliding of a nerve and it has been found that the tribal nerve and the median nerve glide about 2-4 mm during actions similar to the one stated above.

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Mostly individuals above the age of 40 go through such nerve issues. And more than often the reason is their elevated blood sugar levels. Diabetic neuropathy causes numbness in hands (dormencia nas mãos) and very often not much attention is paid towards it if no pain is experienced.
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Getting treated by a specialist in peripheral neuropathy is a must. Do not in any way neglect your condition and delay treatment. The longer you delay it can result in potentially cause permanent nerve damage. Nerves damaged due to elevated blood glucose levels are termed as diabetic neuropathy (neuropatia). You can succeed in reducing the risk of this condition and to do your level best is to keep your blood sugar under control. You are supposed to opt for proper diet by monitoring your blood sugar levels from time to time and should not take diabetes lightly.