Everything you need to know about jebande sex

Introduction to jebande sex
When it comes to fetishes and kinks, you will be surprised to discover just how many of them exist, to begin with. There are things which you have probably never even heard of before, things which you will undoubtedly find weird and perhaps even disgusting. One of the many kinds of sex that exist is known as jebande sex, a form of sex which is love by a quite a few number of people.

What is it?
So what exactly does the term 'jebande' even mean? What is it supposed to signify? To put it in context, the term jebande sex is derived from a slang term for fecalphilia or coprophilia. So what might that mean? It refers to the form of deriving sexual pleasure through playing with feces or from simply the act of excreting human waste.

But it is not just limited to feces either. It can involve any form of other excrements such as vomit, urine and pretty much anything else. The main idea here is that a lot of people enjoy the act of being excreted, urinated or vomited on by their partner. The same holds true for the reverse act as well. Many enjoy doing it on their partner as well.

What to know?
The thing that you need to be aware of regarding this form of sex is that there are some things which you need to be aware of before proceeding to perform it. If you are someone who is not into it, just keep in mind that there may be a kink that you have which others do not appreciate. Do not mock anyone with such a fetish or belittle him or her.

If you are into it, make sure that you take the required form of protection before delving into this act. Make sure you keep the feces away from your private parts and take a nice long bath to get cleaned up after finishing things up. Performing jebande sex requires some form of measures to be taken.
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