Farming in Boom Beach

For many players, Boom Beach is all about setting down the boom in your enemies, performing hefty amounts of PvP strikes, and amassing resources from raiding them from additional participant islands. And that is a great deal of fun.

Nonetheless, it is not the only way to perform Boom Beach with the help of boom beach cheats

. Even though the game has simple and straightforward principles for conflict, there are alternative paths to achievement. Believe it or not, it is likely to advance quite much in the game without even assaulting any additional players. What? Is this for real? Yes, read on...

It is likely to embrace a farming play fashion at Boom Beach, in which you slowly collect resources as time passes. Though this approach takes more patience, so it is ideal for gamers that do not have big blocks of time available for assaulting. Inspired by a post from the Supercell forums out of Woolybugger, here is the Simple guide to farming in Boom Beach.

The Three Core Principles

Here are the 3 core fundamentals of farming in Boom Beach, as laid out by Woolybugger in his first post:

I will maximize all production resources

I will supplement my income by raiding VP-neutral foundations

I will never be raided

Maximizing Production Resources

Ensure yoursawmill, quarry and iron mine are totally invulnerable for your HQ degree. Resource foundations are crucial. Catch and maintain as many as possible. Create a minumum of one masterpiece-level statue for gold, iron, wood or rock production. You do not need Masterpiece figurines for every one, along with your source of attention is totally your decision. Create a source production masterpiece statue and maintain it boosted constantly. It increases every source and also includes a compounding effect when combined with additional green statues.

Production is significant but statue slots are restricted. Construct your masterpieces but do not fill your slots using blossoms that are green. Update your submarine into the maximum amount allowed and constantly dip for tools. Supplement any shortfalls in a particular source by diving or using the everyday benefits from the source reward boat and surgeries benefit boat. Create a Building Health and Defensive Building Damage MP since it is going to boost resource base protection.