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Replicahause are leaders in the field of manufacturing of replica watches. Though we are based in Canada we can send your desired watches in most parts of the world for free. We offer a multitude of methods of delivery to suit your requirements. We also ensure that all replica watches reach you not only safely but also with zero percent tax or duties guarantee.

We have the free shipping offer valid for all the countries except for these countries. For shipping to these countries we charge an extra $40. The countries which require additional charges are United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, Honduras, Guatemala and Ecuador.

Though we are based in Canada, when it comes to shipping in European Union (EU), we ship your beautifully crafted watch from United Kingdom (UK) with an additional charge of $25.

Though there is a small charge involved but it has its own benefit to use this facility as it will prevent your watch to go through customs control and your package will be treated as domestic package.

The countries where your package is shipped for free are United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Fiji, Japan, Portugal and Spain. Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland are, however, recommended to use the option of UK to these countries for 100% safe and easy customs clearance.

There are other countries which are also charged fees of $40 for shipping to these countries. These countries include those belonging to Africa, Asia, Middle Eastern countries and a few countries of European Union. For more information regarding these countries please log on to replicahause.

We are always there for you if you have any complaints regarding our product which includes any manufacturing defects and any defects that have occurred due to shipping. All complaints should be made within 7 days of delivery of the package.

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