The home premium door stopper

1. The home premium door stopper hasheavy duty flexible rubber on the end of the door stopper acting as a wedge. This door stopper can work on all surfaces with a none scratching, strong grip of about 1.2 inches long. This door stopper can be purchase online for as low as $12.
2. The home premium stopperhas a bigger, strong value in holding a door firmly until you decide to close. It can be big and more solid depending on the quality that you bought with the ability to hold a door with clearances up to 1.2 inches.

3. It can act as a multi surface door stopper even on tile, concrete or wooden floor in wedging the door from moving. It is the best used in institutional offices, although they can actually fit perfectly in home.
4. The home premium stopper is manufactured with a durable and high-quality rubber that can help in protecting hardwood or laminated floor from scratches or dents because the wedge is made of quality certified rubber which are safe to use.
5. The anti slip base can also provide ultimate gripping power with a unique hollow design and functionality that can wedge your door. It has different skirting around that prevents the stopper from flipping over or move with the pressure of a wind in the home.

The Ashen wall stoppers
6. The Aushen wall stopper has 3.74 inchesof stainless steel wall mounted on the brushed finish with a cost of around $9.90. It has varieties of expansion rubber added near the stainless-steel screw enabling the anchor to be installed on the wall surface and door being firm.
7. It is implemented with a rational design such as the rubber acting as a buffer and sturdy base in reducing the pressure. With a multi scene application the length can hold the door from opening widely and damaging your walls either on you bedroom or office.