How quality assurance managers can address trends in agent performance

It is challenging for many companies to address the performance of call center agents. Even where Call Quality Assurance programs are implemented, addressing the agents becomes difficult because of different customer behavior. Despite this, there are various steps that quality assurance managers and reviewers can take to assist call center agents to meet the performance goals of the call center. One way is through diagnosing performance issues. Basically, it is important that managers and reviewers articulate agent performance issues clearly to ensure that call center agents know what needs to be changed and how they can fix problems.

Since managers always prepare performance appraisals of call center agents, it is important that managers review the QA evaluations forms in order to determine areas where opportunities exist in how agents perform and identify trends in agent performance. For example, Call Center QA managers can determine whether agents consistently have failing or low scores in specific categories or with specific types of calls. In some cases, there are likely to be multiple issues with the performance of agents such as problems sticking to policies and procedures, processing customer transactions, accessing information from managers or supervisors and limitations in communication skills.
When assessing agent performance, managers can get valuable insights by conducting individualized quality assurance sessions with call center agents. This will enable Call QA managers to view directly when and where challenges with agents arise or whether work habits at the call center are contributing to the agent performance issues. Using the results, observations or analyses gained from the individualized sessions, managers are able to document any underlying reasons why agents are having problems with their performance. It is important that performance issues with call center agents are addressed on a frequent basis. This is to ensure that any problems agents might have are solved fast before the problems escalate.

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