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The system and compressed memory have been in charge of the particular administration from the RAM memory and the actual compression regarding files for the exact purpose that the use of the CPU disk is completed efficiently and the computer can perform the functions at a good speed and without problems. In the event the system and compressed memory high disk usage, it means that they are malfunctioning, and so the computer decelerates.

There are two fundamental causes when this problem takes place. The first is that there is a problem with the system and compressed memory process alone and the second, that by accident the size of the digital memory paging file may be changed. To fix this situation, we present a few solutions:

1. Set the automatic and default setup of the paging file by being able to access the "performance" choice in the configuration menu available in the Home windows Start Menus.
2. In the control panel get the option Management tools and Task Scheduler; Once there, select Microsoft and then Windows, lastly click on "RunFullMemoryDiagnosticEntry".
3. Deactivate the actual "Superfetch" service. Because of this, you can use the actual service supervisor or the computer registry editor.
4. Disable the Speech Runtime exe through the Procedures option of the work Manager.
5. Optimize the actual visual results by accessing the superior options from the Start Food selection and configuring the particular performance.
6. If the concern is RAM, you'll have to buy or even acquire a brand new one. However, it could be that the problem originates from only one from the memory bars and in that case, you should simply replace the bar that is malfunctioning and tries that until the computer works well.
7. If you have up-to-date Windows repeatedly, the problem could be caused by a blunder or error in the execution of the manager. Verify the system is working with the correct manager.