Increasing your presence on Internet

If you are a services company making use of the YouTube website and want to be one notch above your competitor you could avail the services of the website these service. This website helps in consolidation by buyiBuy YouTube Views ng YouTube views for you and data in other social networking websites.

About These service
This website is 3 years old. This website allows you to buy YouTube views, buy Twitter followers and Facebook likes. For 1$ you could get 1000 YouTube views. 1000 Twitter followers information cost 3$. 1000 Facebook followers cost 6$. For people with big orders and resellers the price is lowered further. You could contact the providers to get more information on this. There is trial offer too where one can try out things for themselves and see. Here 1000 YouTube views are offered or any other combination for Twitter and Facebook information which can be checked up on the website.
Advantages of these services
The website gives you real and actual information from subscribers existing all over the world. The service offered is genuine. But if one uses it in the wrong fashion their account would get suspended because of TOS agreement with YouTube. You can become a member by registering yourself on the website to buy Facebook likes. Normally these services are offered free provided the users complete some surveys for them. In case you are not ready to complete the surveys you will need to pay for the service. YouTube freeze the views at the count of 300 which is called the freeze count. This is to enable them to check and see if they are fake or genuine. But these services ensure that views are collected from other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Retention views are also graded separately from normal views. They are videos on YouTube which are watched for more than normal time and hence pushed up in the ranking of viewing.