Know What Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Is & How It Is Performed

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been designed to boost the natural healing process of human body by inhalation of 100% pure oxygen in the whole body through blood circulation that promotes healing in faster way and that’s why it is more effective. The supply of oxygen in this therapy is controlled and on a high pressure. Oxygen is the basic need of human body for robust health and this principle is used to put this treatment for a large variety of treatments, under supervision of expert medical practitioners. HBOT is an exceptional treatment and is carefully planned.

Safety aspect in this HBOT procedure
Why hyperbaric therapy is considered effective? This is effective treatment because oxygen need of your body is enhanced in bad health conditions and HBOT fulfils this demand by enough supply of 100% oxygen. This therapy is planned in a safe chamber or oxygen chamber that is free from any hazardous or inflammable substance because a small spark is enough for oxygen to turn it into a big flame. So, any battery-powered devices and petroleum-based products are not allowed in the oxygen chamber to prevent potential risk of fire.
HBOT procedure
hyperbaric therapy doesn’t require hospitalization and is given as an outpatient procedure. There is separate type of units for this procedure to accommodate a single patient or for multiple patients at a time. In single patient procedure, a patient lies on the table that slides into a clear plastic tube. In multipatient chamber, a big room accommodates more than one persons to either lie or sit on a chair and a mask is placed over the face. An air pressure in the chamber or room is always maintained at 2-3 times more compared to normal air pressure throughout the procedure and this process is usually continued for about two hours. From the above discussion about the procedure, it might be clear to you why this procedure is so effective and harmless.