Learn how to assemble your wooden hookahs and enjoy the pleasure of smoking it

To smoke hookah the first thing you should do is learn to put it together, and it is not as easy as it seems, but once you learn what you will continue to do without problems, a hookah usually consists of four main parts: the bowl or pan, the base, the stem and the hose, of course, it is also small parts to make the joints. The good assembly of a shisha is important because if it is badly armed it could hurt itself.

The amount of components added in the preparation is also important, it is required that the quantities are optimal. If you add a lot of water it will make it more difficult to inhale through the hose, water could fall into the bowl or hose and damage the session. While if you put less water than required, you will not get the necessary filtration, making it hot and you will not be able to smoke either.
But do not worry, that on our website "www.shishaheart.com" we guide you how to prepare your hookah and so you can enjoy the best possible experience in the art of smoking hookahs. In our page, we show you not only how to prepare them, but we will give you a tour of the world of shisha smokers. Read articles and opinions of other smokers. Meet the best manufacturers of hookahs and their brands. The differences, advantages, and disadvantages between hookahs made of wood and those made of glass or glass
We do not lie to you, not everything is pleasure in hookahs made from wood . Like any tobacco habit, smoking cigarettes or narghile has its risks. But take into account that it is not only what you are smoking but how much you are smoking.
In recent years hookahs have gained popularity among people of all ages, but few really read about them and really know them. Perhaps the most acquired are the glass ones because they are more elegant and give the smoker a clear view of the smoke, while in wooden hookahs they do not, besides absorbing the flavors of the different fumes.