Plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner with ketosis diet

Let’s start with breakfast according to ketosis diet plan- Eggs are well and healthy take three eggs with cheese, spinach and sausage dense food has been imperfectly mailigned for year. Remember cholesterol in foods will not increase cholesterol in blood of your body .so without any worries eat eggs

Make an omlet with healthy plan, crumbled sausage, and spinach shredded and then your diet breakfast is ready with 30 gram of proteins. Magnesium and potassium Is present in enormous amount in spinach. Add some sea salt this is big rich in electrolytes this is vital for energy and get away from headaches.
Lunch- Salad
Dice a medium tomato and some bacon and 3 cups lettuce. Mix with two table spoon of mayo, and add some splashes with hot sauce. This is now ready a healthy lunch with full of fiber don’t afraid of eating with name only. It will be delicious and completely easy. And for some potassium rich food add avocado. Lunch is also important for ketosis diet plan be ready to have it.
Dinner choices-
Asparagus with baked salmon, Sauce butter, chopped garlic, lemon juice, pepper gives you a natural taste of the salmon. Salmon best quality is you can cook it with your marginal choices.
Drizzle sauce on fishes; bake your fish at 450F for five minutes per half thickness of fish. Take another bowl take olive oil with asparagus salt, pepper spread it eventually on a sheet full of cookie and roast at 450 F for 19 minutes. Your dinner is nutrition full, healthy fats, protein carbs low.
This is an example to how you can schedule your diet. You can apply some other varieties of taste and foods of low carbohydrates. Dieting is not a part of your life style and best part here is eating low carb still you have rich , aromatic foods. For you hunger your body is always concern so the main worry is low carb. Ketosis diet turns you to lose your weight faster and easier.
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