The speed of lightning in an Electrum Bitcoin Lightning Wallet

Make Bitcoin transfers as fast as lightning! This is what the Electrum Bitcoin Lightning Wallet offers, but while it is true that the speed of transactions is important, so is security and the possibility of being downloaded on devices with limited disk space such as Smartphones and tablets.
Maybe you are still not clear why people today want to manage a portion of bitcoin through mobile phones or tablets ?, because every day more physical stores are beginning to accept payment for services or for the purchase of products through These coins, being then convenient to have them in teams that are always on top.

There are many holders of positions in bitcoins that have already been encouraged to download this portfolio that works for Mac or Android, among other reasons because it is simple to do and because it is one of the most years in this market.
The most up-to-date versions of this software are available at and something also to highlight is that it can be done for free. Its developers say that the reason for this super advantage is that it has been created with the mission of being useful but not for commercialization.
If you already made the download, the installation is automatic and if now you want to import your coins from a Bitcoin Lightning Trezor or Bitcoin Lightning Ledger Wallet it is as easy as entering your wallet, transcribing the brand of the wallet you want to restore and follow the steps.
How to claim Bitcoin Lightning? Enter the page, let yourself be carried away by its simple configuration and at the end start to send and receive payments. That is, be alert to security so as not to risk your positions unnecessarily. Take a few minutes to investigate how to reduce the chances of risk after all how many cell phones we have not lost throughout our lives.

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