What you should know about life drawing hen party

People today participate in hen parties to have fun. Basically, a hen party presets a life drawing session of class with either a naked male or female model. For women, a hen party life drawing class presets a classy and perfect alternative of having fun with a male stripper. This is where ladies can use baby oils and just draw the male stripper while naked. Although these parties are fun to join, it is very difficult and challenging to find a good hen party activity that can suit people of different tastes. This is why majority of hen parties are organized by reputable services. A good hen party should be fun and this is one aspect emphasized people always look for in hen parties.
Apart from drawing naked models, fun team games and party activities are always part of hen parties. Team games in a life drawing hen party ensure that the whole session is entertaining from the beginning to the end. Even though people draw at hen parties, one does not need to have any drawing experience to attend such an event. In fact, a person's drawing abilities are irrelevant at a hen party since most people just go there to have fun and they do not really need to share their drawings with each other.
Depending on the theme of the event, people attending the hen party are given a fancy dress. Other things people are given include charcoal and A3 piece of paper which is used as a drawing pad. People also contribute by bringing forward cheap hen party ideas. For example, they can hold drawing competitions whereby the winner is awarded a present such as a bottle of bubbles. Photographs are also taken at the class and this can happen at the start, when the drawing session is on and at the end of the session.