For which purposes the particular number skates are usually mostly used?

Skate is sports equipment that is used and famous for skating. It is a unique boot with a slim metal bar attached to it. It is connected to the bottom so that you can move quickly on the ice. This type of skates is called ice skates. A different kind of skates iscalled roller-skates. These are like boots having small wheels joined to the bottom so you can move on a hard surface with ease. Equipment related to this is a skateboard. It is a skate with a long and hardboard fixed above in the place of boots. So here is brief information about these types.
These are boots with cutting edges connected to the base. These sides are used to push the carrier over a surface of ice while ice skating. Ice-skates were first made using leg bones of bull or deer or horse and were fixed to feet with leather ties. These skates required a stick with a sharp metal spike that pushed the skater forward, not at all like new bladed skates. Modern ice skates come in a bunch of variety like figure skates, speed skates, ice hockey skates etc.
Roller skates are shoes or ties that fit onto shoes. After wearing this, you will be able to move along on wheels. The first roller skate was adequately an ice skate with wheels supplanting the cutting edge. Later this style of roller skate turned out to be more well-known comprising of four wheels organized like the formation of a car.
It often comprises a uniquely composed Maplewood board joined with a polyurethane covering utilised for making smoother slides and more grounded strength. Usually, skateboards are constructed with seven pieces of this wood. You can move the skateboard by pushing it with one foot while other one stays on the board.
So these are the varieties of skates that are very much popular all around the world. Day by day it is becoming a trend to have a skate of your own and some also perform different types of stunts using this.