The whispers in little ears

When a child is born, he is completely stranger to a new world. He is the person who enters the world, which is characterized by the presence of people who are expecting him to cry at the first moment of his life. Therefore, how could he survive in a world that expects him to cry? For he does not possess a sense to recognize the love of such people wants him to cry, he is merely an innocent child who is stranger to the new world. Therefore, to get him in the line and make him familiar and comfortable with the present world, the parents shall understand their responsibility to do. To make the child feel comfortable becomes the first most step towards the achievement of the goal, and therefore parents carry the child with them always. The child first of all gets familiar with the world of his parent’s arms, where braces keep him hidden from the outer world.

Whenever the child gets no such love from his parents, he cries out aloud. Therefore, the parents have to take care of the surroundings of the child, and shall understand that if there is no problem to the child. Thus the mother has got the habits of whispering in the little ears of the child, as little rhymes and sounds soothe the child to good effect. The child feels absolutely comfortable then, and does cry for no longer. In a similar way, the best baby bouncer have been made compatible to provide a child a soothing effect with toy bars, sound effects and effectively comfortable crib. A child recognizes something similar to what he is being provided by his mother, and thus gets comfortable with it too. Hence the best baby bouncer recites poems to the child, and the child enjoys to good measure.